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From the most basic computer repair to the most complex IT solution - CNC Systems has you covered.

About CNC Systems

Why Choose CNC Systems for your new computer or repair services? 

Because we are trained, certified and experienced computer technicians specializing in hardware and software problems.  We offer over 60 combined years of computer repair experience. You just won't find a more knowledgeable and experienced staff at any computer repair facility - period.  And we do our best to share our experience with our customers to guide them in an attempt to avoid future computer problems that could prove costly. Whether you are a one computer family - or a multi-computer enterprise, we want CNC Systems to be your computer headquarters. 

We don't believe in just throwing a quick fix on your computer, collecting our fee and showing you the door, like our competitors do. We don't offer multiple service levels to try to entice you to settle for inferior service. We offer only one level of computer repair service. And, that's the very best available! We consider repairing a computer as a responsibility. Our customers trust us to treat their computers and valuable data with the same respect as we would our own computers. And, we take pride in doing just that.

But it goes much further. We don't believe that the job ends at solving the issue at hand with your computer. Rather, it is important to educate our customers as to what may have caused the problem - and most importantly, what can be done to avoid having the same problem in the future. 

We're not looking to just repair your computer. Our goal is to impress you with our skills so that we are the first company on your mind when your friends, family and co-workers ask where they can get their computers repaired, updated or maybe even replaced with a newer computer.